Chiropractic is a treatment system that looks at the CAUSE of a problem, not the EFFECT OR SYMPTOMS of a problem. It recognizes the important relationship between STRUCTURE (primarily the spine and its related tissue) and FUNCTION (primarily the nervous system as it controls everything else). Realize that the basic essence of the brain and nervous system is to receive information, process that information, and then send out information for action.

One of the biggest and busiest information inputs into the nervous system is the proprioceptive system. That is a big word for knowing where the body's parts are in space. Just try touching your finger to your nose while your eyes are closed, even with your head moving at the same time. No problem! Now try touching someone else's moving nose with your eyes closed. Major problems! If anything is important for survival it is being able to control your movements and move about. The proprioceptive system gets its information from mechanoreceptors (specialized nerve endings) from joints and the surrounding tissues.

If certain joints or tissues are injured and heal improperly the biomechanics are distorted, causing the nerve receptors to send out distorted and conflicting information to the nervous system.

Another example-if we stand with our feet together and put one arm straight out to the side-it’s no big deal. Do the same thing to a clothing store manikin and it falls over. When we put our arm out we don't just move the muscles that lift our arm. We make thousands of changes to shift our balance just the right amount, stabilize the spine, shoulder girdle, and head, plus we signal the blood supply to increase for the new muscles that are now working harder, we increase the heart rate and maybe breathe harder and start to sweat. The nervous system is so amazingly complex.

Now if you distort some of that information going to the brain, you make the brain make mistakes. These mistakes not only concern the area where the distortion came from, but they also can cause mistakes in the heart, lungs, digestive track, and all the other organs.

The most important tissues that cause the biggest problems after being injured are those around the vertebrae of the spine, because the spine has to constantly adapt to every little change of body position and ground surface. The spinal joints have many more nerve endings around them than the extremity joints do, because the body knows they are more important.

This is why chiropractic care often has dramatic results with colic and other digestive problems, cardiovascular, respiratory, metabolic and other problems, including attitude problems. Not just the musculoskeletal system. Again, these complaints may not be mechanically related, so check with your Veterinarian first to rule out disease processes or medical conditions.

D.D. Palmer discovered chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa September 18, 1895. Reverend Samuel H. Weed named chiropractic using two Greek words “cheir, hand” and “praktos, done.” Commonly referred to as done by hand.

D.D. Palmer defined the following terms:
Definition: Chiropractic Philosophy is the study of the successive intellectual and physical process through which life is expressed and more especially, the application of Chiropractic there to.

Definition: Chiropractic is the philosophy, science and art of things natural; and a system of adjusting the articulations of the spinal column by hand only for the elimination of the physical representation of the cause of the disease.

Definition: Dis-ease: Literally the lack of ease; a pathological condition of the body which sets the condition apart from a normal state. The disease and its location depends strictly on the degree, duration and location of the pinched nerve.

Definition: Pinched nerve (vertebral subluxation) a partial or incomplete dislocation.
A vertebra is displaced or subluxated in varying degrees and directions of subluxation then press on a number of varying combinations of filaments in the spinal nerve, thus producing a multitude of different diseases and different degrees of disease (a spinal nerve in a human has an estimated 300,000 individual nerve fibers and humans have 31 pair of spinal nerves).
I know of no other portion of the body aside from the spinal column, where the nerves (soft substances) are surrounded entirely by hard substances (bone).
Chiropractors recognize that those with pinched spinal nerves have lowered vital resistance. Therefore when spinal subluxation exists, adjusting those subluxated vertebrae to their normal position thus taking pressure off nerves builds vital resistance or health.

Chiropractic adjustment restores the misaligned bone to its normal location
The purpose of an adjustment
not to depress
not to stimulate
but to remove interference with transmission, or pressure,
from the affected nerve thus restoring normal nerve supply.

HIPPOCRATES, a 5th century physician, known as the FATHER OF MEDICINE wrote:
The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will look well to the spine for the cause of the disease.

To simplity (the garden hose theory)

You are watering your flowers and you drag the garden hose to the next flower and the water ceases to flow.
1. Should you cut the end of the garden hose off and replace it with a new end?
2. Go back 50 feet and remove the kink in the hose to restore normal water flow, (i.e. pinched nerve, subluxation, slipped disc, herniated disc, etc.)


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